About us

Studio Dokola

Dokola is headed by glass maker Billy Crellin.

Reaching back to find provocative period styles, we recycle visual ideas of the past into tableware for new markets.

Embracing the dynamic meaning of the word DOKOLA  as a concept for objects -Dokola (Doh – kol – ah) can be simplified to mean ‘around & around’.

Like circling a roundabout, the turning of glassblowing pipe, recycling glass, or the resurgence of a past trend today.

Our company considers this nutshell definition when thinking about designing, process, cyclic values and trends.

Sustainability Statement

Our ethos & some rules we adhere throughout our relationships, design & production.

  • Production

    All our manufacture is done by the most efficient means possible, in pursuit of energy saving to reduce environmental impact. We recognise third industrial revolution values to transition from non-renewable to carbon neutral energy sources.

  • Recycling

    We have begun research and development toward the technical hurdle of using recycled glass, so that our products can transition to 100% recycled in the near future. This reduces glass from landfill and raw minerals from being mined from the earth.

    Recycling glass  
    * Spares around 225kg of carbon dioxide emission with every tonne recycled.  
    * Saves 75% of the energy it takes to make glass from raw materials.It is our goal to repurpose 4 tonnes of glass from landfill by the end of 2023.

  • Packaging

    All our packaging is paper based, and where possible recycled. We try very hard to aim for reusability and encourage our customers to think alike by seeing the value in a second-hand box.Posting satchels are compostable and postage carbon emission is counteracted by investing in carbon offset projects.

  • Social

    Whilst we are not yet classed as an official Social Enterprise or B Corporation, we believe in the power of donating to projects for bettering social outcomes. If you have an idea how we can support you in a social directed project please get in touch with us.


If you are hoping for something unique, or want to engage in the glassmaking process, then commission of a custom design may be the way to go.