Our Process

View the various variations and stages of our custom design pathway.

All projects begin with your response to one of our 'Ways of Working', whereafter we can have a phone call or coffee to discuss your project details.

  • Ways of working

  • Solo-design

    Use our Pathway from design to manufacture to release a glass object under your name.

  • Co-design

    Collaborate together to release a unique cobranded product.

  • Production

    Already have an object and just want it reproduced? Get in touch for a quote. Please note we value and respect intellectual property and will not produce or will cease to produce anything we discover are direct copies of objects without given permissions.

  • Pathway

    Project Details & Services QuoteFirstly we collect some answers from you surrounding project timelines, design proposal and details in the Solo-Design response form. We will respond with a services quote to realise your idea in glass.

  • Design

    A design can be produced by us, or provided. A design outline will be provided based on your responses to the Solo-Design response form. After discussing this design outline a draft of line drawn designs will made. It is possible to alter these ideas, but is most often helpful to see a 3d prototype.

  • Prototype

    This will help understand how the glass optics make the design look in the flesh which can be difficult to capture in a drawing. From this process you can expect to obtain a prototyped glass in both clear and colour. Further iterations can be made on a prototyped design if it is required. This process allows for an accurate quote of unit cost for production based on the design details.

  • Unit Cost Quote

    The unit cost is measured by the time taken to make the design in the prototyping stage. Helping to calculate this are answers provided on the order quantity, number of colours etc.

  • Manufacture

    Once these former steps have been resolved we can schedule the timeline for production and delivery of the glass design.