Dram Whiskey Glass Set

$ 190.00 AUD
Set of 2 — 26cL
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About the Dram Whiskey Glass

A night cap never looked so optically stunning as you will have it in a pair of these. The ridging in the glass’s cup uses a special fluting technique that will break up the colour of the spirit and on those relaxing days on the balcony, prepare for it to project dazzle in the daylight. Weighty in hand they give the response you want from a luxurious whiskey or spirit glass.

The lip of the glass is hand ground, bevelled and polished making it a cut above your ordinary off the shelf industrial glass.

These are blown by mouth using 1200º molten lead-free crystal. 

  • Luxurious weight
  • Hand polished & bevelled lip 
  • Dazzling optics
  • Crystal allows content to shine through

Care Instructions

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