Save Straw Set

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About the Save Straw

Hows that straw feel against your teeth? Is it making your fave drink taste metallic? Struggling to tell if it really is clean inside? Let us tell you – glass is the answer. Neutral, sterile, strong, but most of all beautiful!

You won’t find another reusable straw that looks this good and still carries the moral compass that comes with a reusable product made from a clean, conscious material like glass. What’s more these guys are made by hand in Victoria, shedding that carbon footprint from import practices like other straws on the market. Don’t mistake this as the only advantage, as they’re done in seasonal Australian colours and pattern to boot!

Worried that it’s fragile? Not sure about putting it in your mouth? Well we want to attest to the strength we know glass can have, so if you break it we’ll replace it.

  • Neutral taste
  • Not imported (handmade in VIC)
  • Built to last
  • Suitable for hot or cold drinks
  • Perfect for sodas, alcoholic beverages, or smoothies
  • Dish washable, or simply soaked in soapy water

Unfortunately, these can’t be recommended for children.

Care Instructions

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If you are hoping for something unique, or want to engage in the glassmaking process, then commission of a custom design may be the way to go.

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