Stack Glass Set

$ 180.00 AUD
Set of 2 — 32cL
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About the Stack Glass

Studio Dokola’s debut design – these iconic numbers set a table presence that towers over its alternatives.

The Stack glass interacts with its content beautifully. The double-functioning impression in the base works not only to effectively carry and shelf multiples effectively, but presents a striking visual phenomenon diluting a band of colour of the liquid content. Watch out for this pleasing design function when filling up.

This subtle inverted cone shape is suitable for a refreshing soda, gin or your favourite pour. Not to defer wine drinkers - if you’re accustom to breaking tradition then you can certainly get your hand around one these (just don’t tell the likes of the big Euro stemware glassmakers!) we get it done differently her in the south. - Stack-ability for storage and carry.

  • Table setting space conserving
  • Dynamic shape and volume for all drink types
  • Makes content look dynamic
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